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Board of Directors
1- Chairman & Managing Director ENG. Ahmed Abu - Shabana El - Sayed Fouda
2- Technical & Executive Managing Director (Marine Works) And Vice Chairman ENG. Samir Mohammed Ahmed El-Bassa
3- Technical & Executive Managing Director (Utilities Works) and Vice Chairman ENG. Alaa Nabeeh Abd El-Moety Moussa
4- Financial And Administrative Managing Director And Vice Chairman  Acc. Osama EL-Hosseiny Hamad Salama
5- Member of Board - Elected ENG. Ahmed  Abdou Soliman
6- Member of Board - Elected ENG. Ayman Yehia Kamel
7- Member of Board - Elected ENG. Hossam  El Deen Badawy Ahmed Sulayman
8- Head of The Union Committee                                                                                                                           Acc.Wael Saad Herrek  



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• Sanitary Drainage Treatment Plant for New Cairo City

• Design and Installation of Mechanical Equipments of Mubarak Industrial Plant

• Sanitary Drainage and Treatment Plant to Serve Industrial Merghem Region and El-Gouzam Region in Petrochemical Road - Alexandria

• Gravity Networks , Pumping Stations , Force Main and Treatment Plant for villages of Samaloot and Mattay Posts - Minia

• Civil Works for Treatment Plants in Telbana and Engak Villages

• North Lifting Station No.(3) at the North Extensions , force main and gravity line at 6th of October City.

• The Integrated Sanitary Drainage for Talkha City

• Gravity Networks , Pumping Stations and Force Main of ( Taha Shoubra , El Hegaziah , Om-Khenan , Kafr El Arab , Sheleem , Kafr El Slamia ), Quessna Post


• Feeding the Main City in New Cairo with Potable Water from New Cairo Water Station

• Lines Carrying Turbid Water of the Inlet to the Potable Water Purification Plant at New Cairo City

• Design and Execution of Luxor Potable Water Purification Plant - West of the Nile - Kena Governorate

• Design and Execution of Potable Water Purification Plant at Mashtoul El-Souk City, Sharkia Governorate

• Design and Execution of the Electromechanical Works for the Project of Potable Water Plant at Berkt El-Saba' (1st stage)

• Supply Potable Water to the Villages of the Beneficiaries of the Karuon Station at El - Rayyan Valley, Fayoum Governorate


• Infrastructure Works (External, internal and nucleus of the village) of Housing Units and Service Buildings for Construction of Youth Graduated Village in Wady El-Technology District, East of the Canal, Ismailia Governorate

• Infrastructure Works (External, Internal and Nucleus of the Village) of Housing Units and Service Buildings (2nd stage) for the Villages of the Desert Zaheer in Upper Egypt

◄ ROADS :-

• The Second Stage of Roads in Some Areas of Build Your House Project (No. 1,2) in New Beni Swef City


• Faculty of Tourism and Hotels at Menoufeya University - Sadat City

• Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - Sadat City - Menoufeya University


• Construction of a 340 meters long Cargo Berth at Damietta Port

• Repairing of Quay No. (87)

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