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The quality of employees and their development through ongoing training is major factor in determing credibility of the policy adopted by the company, giving them a sense of satisfaction through he achievement of customer desires and developing their skills for the sake of high rates of productivity.

The quality systems has been applied to all training process by issuing the training procedure no. (QT-P-18-01), the procedure traces the steps necessary in the training strategy to be annually approved by the chairmain of the board in coordination with the Technical Aid & Training Sector at the National Company for Construction & Development for enhancing the organization performance.

The training strategy includes:-

1- Trains top and middle managers to enhance their capacity to manage company and to make policy decisions about strategic goals and finance.

2- Dedicates to enable supervisors and general staff attending Seminars, workshops and classes come in every variety imaginable.

3- Trains Engineers and technicians in order to perform their responsibilities with maxium effectiveness and effciency, in order to meet the needs of an expanding marketplace.

4- Provides IT training for all the staff to stay in touch with the modern business systems.

5- Provides transitional training service to equip the disadvantaged with high-quality training and counseling that will enable them to participate, succeed and prosper in today's ever-changing opportunities.

6- For the sake of creative communication for the employees, the company finds continuously new ways to regenerate the spirits of creativity, commitment and self-worth by sending them in external and internal mission through its mission committee.


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• Civil Works for Treatment Plants in Telbana and Engak Villages

• North Lifting Station No.(3) at the North Extensions , force main and gravity line at 6th of October City.

• The Integrated Sanitary Drainage for Talkha City

• Gravity Networks , Pumping Stations and Force Main of ( Taha Shoubra , El Hegaziah , Om-Khenan , Kafr El Arab , Sheleem , Kafr El Slamia ), Quessna Post


• Feeding the Main City in New Cairo with Potable Water from New Cairo Water Station

• Lines Carrying Turbid Water of the Inlet to the Potable Water Purification Plant at New Cairo City

• Design and Execution of Luxor Potable Water Purification Plant - West of the Nile - Kena Governorate

• Design and Execution of Potable Water Purification Plant at Mashtoul El-Souk City, Sharkia Governorate

• Design and Execution of the Electromechanical Works for the Project of Potable Water Plant at Berkt El-Saba' (1st stage)

• Supply Potable Water to the Villages of the Beneficiaries of the Karuon Station at El - Rayyan Valley, Fayoum Governorate


• Infrastructure Works (External, internal and nucleus of the village) of Housing Units and Service Buildings for Construction of Youth Graduated Village in Wady El-Technology District, East of the Canal, Ismailia Governorate

• Infrastructure Works (External, Internal and Nucleus of the Village) of Housing Units and Service Buildings (2nd stage) for the Villages of the Desert Zaheer in Upper Egypt

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• Construction of a 340 meters long Cargo Berth at Damietta Port

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